Preface Dialogue

This Memrise course will teach you the Latin for the Preface Dialogue at mass. Dominus vobiscum. The-Lord be-with-you. Et cum spirtu<>tuo. And with your<>spirit. Sursum <> corda! Hearts <> up! Habemus ad Dominum. We-have-them toward the-Lord. Gratias agamus Domino-Deo-nostro. Thanks let-us-give to-the-Lord-our-God. Dignum et iustum est. Right and just it-is.

The Lord be with You

Here is our Memrise course to learn how to say “The Lord be with you” / “And with your spirit” in Latin. This course is free and simple enough for anyone. Dominus vobiscum. The-Lord be-with-you. Et cum spiritu<>tuo. And with your<>spirit.

Offerte Vobis Pacem

From the Order of Mass, after the Peace of the Lord be with you always / and with your spirit, we have the following (optional) words: Offerte vobis pacem. Offer one another the peace. offerte = “Offer”, as a plural imperative. It is interesting to note that the verb offero,offerre comes from one of four…