St. Germaine Cousin

St. Germaine was born in 1579 and died in 1601 in Pibrac, France. Her feast day is June 15.

While out in the fields, she took in the beauty of the natural world and found the God who loved her dearly. Germaine would pray the rosary regularly. She attended Mass daily, never allowing anything – not even a swollen stream according to one story – to keep her from visiting Christ. Though she couldn’t read, the peasant girl would teach the basics of the Catechism to some of the children. Her interior health proved to be the vital principle of her spiritual bliss, which was the only bliss she cared about.

via Truth and Charity Forum.

Patron saint of: abandoned people; abuse victims; against poverty; disabled people; girls from rural areas; illness; impoverishment; loss of parents; shepherdesses; sick people; unattractive people; physical therapists. (source: Wikipedia)


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