Just Keep On Reading Diligently

““The next day the monk indeed brought me his Bible. I opened it, looked inside, read some of it, and said, ‘I won’t accept it. I can’t understand a single word of it. I’m not used to reading Church Slavonic.’* The monk continued to assure me that the very words of the Bible were imbued with the power of grace, for they were the words of God Himself. ‘It does not matter if you don’t understand it at first; just keep on reading diligently. A saint once said, “If you don’t understand the words of God, at least the evil spirits understand what you read and they tremble before it.” Your addiction to alcohol is certainly the work of the devil. Let me tell you something else: Saint John Chrysostom writes that even the very room where a Bible is kept frightens the spirits of darkness and makes it impossible for them to lay their evil snares.’”

-The Way of a Pilgrim

Image via flickr.

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