Prudence is knowing what to seek and what to avoid

S Th II II 47 10 ad 2: He that seeks the good of the many, seeks in consequence his own good….because the individual good is impossible without the common good of the family, state, or kingdom. Hence Valerius Maximus says [Fact. et Dict. Memor. iv, 6] of the ancient Romans that “they would rather be poor in a rich empire than rich in a poor empire.”

Ad secundum dicendum quod ille qui quaerit bonum commune multitudinis ex consequenti etiam quaerit bonum suum….quia bonum proprium non potest esse sine bono communi vel familiae vel civitatis aut regni. Unde et maximus Valerius dicit de antiquis Romanis quod malebant esse pauperes in divite imperio quam divites in paupere imperio.

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