New Latin Breviary Course on Memrise


Memrise iPhone app screenshot

For your learning and enjoyment, check out our new Latin Breviary course at You can go directly to the course here or search for “breviary” on their site. It teaches all the vocabulary needed to pray Sunday Night Prayer in Latin. It is a free course consisting of fourteen levels, and lessons can be reviewed either online or on your smartphone or tablet app. According to their system, it takes about four hours to complete, best spaced out over a week or two.

Consider this a digital alternative to a private tutor, ready to work with you at your own pace. Vocabulary words are presented as a garden, needing to be planted and then watered (reviewed) at strategically measured intervals in order to grow your memory. Soon you will look at the pages of Latin text for Sunday Compline – Psalm 91, the Lectio brevis, the Canticle of Simeon – and instantly recognize the meaning of each word and phrase.

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