Sunday Compline, Antiphon, Second Half

Non timébis a timóre noctúrno. You will not fear a nighttime fear.

Timeo,ere = to fear. Non means no or not. Timebis is the future, singular, second person = you shall not fear. Good to words to hear from the scripture. A quick search in the Clementine Vulgate reveals this specific phrase used 9 times in scripture:

Dt 7:21 Non timebis eos, quia Dominus Deus tuus in medio tui est, Deus magnus et terribilis :

Dt 18:22 hoc habebis signum : quod in nomine Domini propheta ille prædixerit, et non evenerit : hoc Dominus non est locutus, sed per tumorem animi sui propheta confinxit : et idcirco non timebis eum.

Dt 20:1 Si exieris ad bellum contra hostes tuos, et videris equitatus et currus, et majorem quam tu habeas adversarii exercitus multitudinem, non timebis eos : quia Dominus Deus tuus tecum est, qui eduxit te de terra Ægypti.

Job 5:21 A flagello linguæ absconderis, et non timebis calamitatem cum venerit.

Job 11:15 tunc levare poteris faciem tuam absque macula ; et eris stabilis, et non timebis.

Ps 90:5 Scuto circumdabit te veritas ejus : non timebis a timore nocturno ;

Pr 3:24 Si dormieris, non timebis ; quiesces, et suavis erit somnus tuus.

Is 54:14 Et in justitia fundaberis : recede procul a calumnia, quia non timebis, et a pavore, quia non appropinquabit tibi.

Soph 3:15 Abstulit Dominus judicium tuum ; avertit inimicos tuos. Rex Israël Dominus in medio tui : non timebis malum ultra.

Be not afraid appears 365 times in all of scripture, in one form or another.

Timore = Timor, timoris (M). Fear. The Fear of the Lord is the Timor Domini. Remember Job 28:28, “Et dixit homini : Ecce timor Domini, ipsa est sapientia ; et recedere a malo, intelligentia” / “And he said to the man : Behold the fear of the Lord is Wisdom, and to withdraw from evil is understanding.”

Nocturnus,a,um = nightly, nocturnal. A timor nocturnus is a nighttime fear, such as a bad dream, an intruder, a temptation to sin or a demon. The night is an evil time and brings many fears. But the Lord comforts us with this: You shall not fear from nightly fears.

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