Flagéllum non appropinquábit tabernáculo tuo

Flagéllum non appropinquábit tabernáculo tuo. The scourge shall not approach your tent.

flagellum,i – a scourge, a whip. Christ was scourged with this. Flagellatus est.

tabernaculo tuo = unto your tent. A tabernaculum is a tent, seen as the dwelling place of a family, and also of God as He accompanies the Israelites through the desert. The tabernacle, as found in a Catholic Church, is thus named because it is the tent of God’s dwelling, derived directly from the time of Moses.

non appropinquabit = it shall not approach. This is the future tense. When I was in school my Latin teacher’s children got a hamster, which they wanted to give a long Latin name, and Appropinquáre was chosen (the infinitive of appropinquabit). We never did learn whether this name had to do with a characteristic of said hamster, whether it readily approached its masters or was shy about doing so, or if this name was chosen only for its sound and appearance. Perhaps they ended up calling it Appro, as nicknames are so common.

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