Non timebis a timore nocturno

Non timébis a timóre noctúrno, a sagítta volánte in die, a peste perambulánte in ténebris, ab extermínio vastánte in merídie. You shall not be afraid of a nightly fear, an arrow flying in the day, a pestilence walking about in the darkness, destruction devastating at midday.

We have already looked at non timebis a timore nocturo which is included in the antiphon for Sunday Compline.

sagitta,ae: an arrow. Sagittarius is the constellation that represents a centaur carrying bow and arrow.

volante: from volo,are, to fly. Volante is the present participle, flying. It is in the ablative case.

pestis,is: a plague, a pestilence.

perambulante: from perambulo,are, to walk about, to move around. The infectious plague is moving about.

Also there are two reference to time here. In die gives us the ablative of dies (day), meaning simply in the day. In meridie gives us the ablative of meridies,ei, the middle part of the day, noon, midday.

tenebris: from tenebra,ae, darkness. In the darkness.

exterminium,i: destruction. The exterminator is the man you call when you want the destruction of the bugs infesting your home.

vasto,are: to lay waste, to devastate.

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