Quoniam ipse liberabit te

Quóniam ipse liberábit te de láqueo venántium et a verbo malígno. For he will free you from the snare of the the hunters, and from the spiteful word.

Quoniam: For / because.

Ipse: He / himself. This is always the masculine nominative (subject) form. Remember John 16:27, “Ipse enim Pater amat vos.” / “For the Father Himself loves you.”

Liberabit te: He will free you.

De laqueo venantium: Laqueus,i,M: a snare, a noose, a trap. The not-too-tricky word here is venantium which is from venor,venari, a deponent verb meaning to hunt. Deponent verbs are passive in form and active in meaning, but as participles their form is the same as non-deponent verbs. And so, if the (theoretical) active infinitive would be venare, then the participle is: venans,venantis: hunting / the hunting person. From there we arrive at venantium, which is the genitive plural, giving us the meaning: “Of the ones hunting” or more smoothly, “Of the hunters.”

Et a verbo maligno: And from the spiteful word. Verbum,i,N: The word. Recall John 1:14, “Et verbum caro factum est.” / “And the word became flesh.”

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