Dicet Domino (2)

Dicet Dómino. He shall say to the Lord.

The word Dominus appears innumerable times in the Scripture and the Liturgy. We say “Dominus vobiscum” / “Et cum spiritu tuo.” The word Dominus,i means Lord. We derive the English words dominate, dominant, dominion, and many others from Dominus. Once we know it is a 2nd declension noun, we know how to adjust it. If we want to use it as the object of a sentence we will use its accusative form, Dominum. “Laudate Dominum.” / “You all praise the Lord.” The genitive: “Haec sedes Domini. Non sedete hic.” / “This is the Lord’s chair. Don’t sit here.” (“The Lord’s chair” and “the chair of the Lord” are interchangeable; the latter is a literal translation while the the former is a more smooth English rendering.) The form “Domino” is either dative or ablative. In this case it is dative. How do we know? From the context.