Dicet Domino

Dicet Dómino. He shall say to the Lord.

We must pay attention to the vowels. “He shall say to the Lord.” From dico,dicere: to say, to speak. This is a 3rd conjugation verb. Unlike 1st and 2nd conjugation verbs which use ‘bo,bis,bit’ etc., to form the future tense, the 3rd and 4th conjugation have a simpler method.

Consider Exodus 4:22: “Dicesque ad eum : Hæc dicit Dominus : Filius meus primogenitus Israël.” / “And you (Moses) shall say to him (Pharoah) : Thus says the Lord : Israel is my firstborn son.”

The present tense drops the ‘ere’ from the infinitive and uses an ‘i’: dico, dicis, dicit, dicimis, dicitis’, and for the 3rd person plural we have ‘dicunt’. All present. The future tense changes one letter. First person singular = ‘dicam’, then ‘dices, dicet, dicemus, dicetis, dicent.’

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