Complete and Fervent

“It is necessary, therefore, that the priest program his life of prayer in a manner which embraces: the daily Eucharistic celebration, with adequate preparation and thanksgiving; frequent confession  and spiritual direction already practiced in the seminary; the complete and fervent celebration of the liturgy of the hours, on a daily basis; examination of conscience; mental prayer; divine readings; the prolonged moments of silence and prayer, above all periodic Spiritual Exercises and Retreats; the affectionate expression of Marian devotions, like the Rosary; the ‘Via Crucis’ and other pious exercises; and the fruitful reading on lives of the saints.” (emphasis added)

– From the Congregation for the Clergy, Directory On the Ministry and Life of Priests (1994), n. 39, “Means for the Spiritual Life”

It is also noteworthy that the Way of the Cross is granted a plenary indulgence. You can obtain a plenary indulgence every day while meditating on Our Lord’s passion.

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