Musivum hoc opus quod vetus collegium ante oculos refert praeclaris maiorum exemplis in memoriam revocatis + + ad ea imitanda novos alumnos excitat + + This work of art, which brings the old college before the eyes -the wonderful examples/deeds of the predecessors/alumni having been called to mind- rouses the new students to imitate them.

Homeschooling Helps for Latin

Learn Latin? Really? If you had told me 10 years ago that I’d someday be doing just that alongside my children — and loving it! — I’d have questioned both your sanity and my own. And yet, here I am, six years into studying a supposedly dead language, and continually finding fabulous ways to bring…

LingQ Reader Updated to 4.0

The excellent foreign-language reading site, LingQ, has released version 4.0 of their interface. Latin is still in beta so some of the features, especially dictionary resources, are still being improved. But it is a helpful tool, especially for expansive reading and increasing your vocabulary. Many books of scripture (Clementine Vulgate) are already loaded into their…

The Angelus

Pray the Angelus in Latin! The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary, and she conceived of the Holy Spirit. Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae, et concepit de Spiritu Sancto. Here is our Memrise course which, with steady practice, will teach you the meaning of the words of the Angelus in Latin. Combine this with our…

Let us Proceed in Peace

Learn the prayer, “Let us proceed in peace / in the name of Christ, Amen” in Latin. Just before mass begins, the priest and servers bow to the crucifix. The priest says: Procedamus in pace | Let-us-proceed in peace The servers respond: In nomine Christi. Amen. | In the-name of-Christ. Amen. Click here and spend a few minutes learning these simple Latin words.